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Visiting Hong Kong: What to see and do

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Hong Kong trip, April 2018

I honestly never thought that my destination for a trip will be a busy city. I am a person who would choose nature over big cities. However, I'm kinda good with route and google-ing places which definitely an advantage in big cities. So I guess, I can fit in to any location yea? Anyhow, I will just roughly stated my tentative here and might comment a bit/ what to expect and I skip food photos as what I aim before coming to Hong Kong was taking good photos of HK.

Day 1: Explore the City
  • Arrive HK at noon
  • Check-in at Beepackers located in Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Hung’s Chinese Restaurant at Changking Mansion 
  • Mong Kok Flower Market 
  • Goldfish Market
  • Temple Street Night Market
  • Avenue Stars = Symphony of Lights (at 8PM)

Day 2: Explore the City more
  • TramOramic Tour
  • Masjid Ammar (for Dim Sum)
  • Walk around Hollywood Road
  • Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Day 3: Disneyland Trip
  • Breakfast - Chrisly Cafe 
  • One whole day in Disneyland
  • Dinner - Ma's Restaurant

Day 4: Top view of Hong Kong
  • Wai Kee - Famous Halal Duck Rice
  • Panaromic view of Victoria's peak/Sky Terrace
  • Ladies Market

Day 5: Always in memories *laughing with tears smiley*
  • Should be a Macau trip but something happen so 1day burn and back in Hong Kong

Day 6: Explore the city even more
  • Cattle Depot Artist Village
  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum
  • Dinner - Aladin Mess
  • Go around Causeway Bay aimless *laughing with tears smiley*

Day 7: Please, I nak balik! haha
  • Breakfast - Chrisly Cafe (again cause it's goood)
  • Avenue Stars (for photos in daylight)
  • Hong Kong Cultural Centre (for photos purpose)
  • Flight to Malaysia at night

  • We spend a lot on food but food are expansive in Hong Kong. Quite a regret as we didn't prepare more food from Malaysia cause I am not a foodie hence I don't mind if I didn't eat any of Hong Kong style food.
  • Please don't stay Hong Kong more than 5 days cause it's kinda boring. I usually go for more days for a trip (if it's an oversea trip), never less than 10 days. Last time, I went to Melbourne for only 4days (exclude flight's travel day) and it's tooooo short for me! So I thought HK will be the same hence i took extra days. But it turn out that we got bored and just can't wait to fly home.
  • Hong Kong is more like Penang, u can just go for a short trip cause nothing to enjoy that much.
  • It's raning season but we went around with a rain coat without any problem.
  • Most of our tickets entrance were bought at KLOOK. Everything is KLOOK yea.
  • We stayed at Beepackers in Tsim Sha Tsui area. Don't expect for a spacious place as Hong Kong is well known with limited space.
  • Surprisingly, their public toilet is clean 
  • But people in Hong Kong sangat rude. 
  • Cukup lah hanya sekali ini.

  • Too lousy to stated here
  • Also, tak dapat nak menghadapi hakikat sebenar sebab ada tiket yang burn, expenses terlebih etc. I just nak lupakan semua itu. haha 
Enjoy the photos! 

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