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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Looking at things from different perspective.

I miss writing my personal thoughts in my own blog. Sometimes, I feel like sharing a thing or two but often times I feel demotivated to write it because I am not that good in expressing things around me, expressing my thoughts, not that good in telling a story but I guess, I just have to write and at the same time, I am actually practice doing so. Am i right?

This time round, I want to share a very powerful thing that for me, it has given such impact towards how I see things especially on an event that I am frustrated with as it does not go as I wish.

What’s about?

Looking at things on the other side (from a different perspective), is something that need practice. When something happened, and you feel bad about it, you just have to look on the other side which means, there are things that unseen by us but not by Allah. So, our plans don’t go as we wish but always goes as Allah wish and He is the One who KNOWS everything. Why we have to be upset about it?

It’s not easy, at all. To just accept but it’s depend on us on how we look at things around us. 

A few times, happened to me that what I want, didn’t work and because of that, I start looking in any positive ways, or I am just looking for reasons, to comfort myself, my thoughts and my heart. 

There’s a time, where I do really want to enter MRSM (a boarding school). This was in 2007 (I am in Form4). I applied and I failed. I send 3 times, an appeal letter but again, I failed. I got all straight A’s in my PMR but I still didn’t get to go to MRSM. There were some friend of mine whom get 7A’s, 6A’s and they passed to go to MRSM. But why not me?

After a few months, I came to a conclusion, which I ponder over why I didn’t get to enter MRSM and THIS IS WHY.

I lost my mother in May 2007. Which the year that I was hoping for, to get into a boarding school, study hard, and be like my brother (whom study abroad and was a student in MRSM). But after a moment, I ponder, and I am firm that, Allah has just given me the opportunity to took care of my mother (which she’s admitted to hospital weeks before she passed away) and that was the GREATEST feeling ever and GREATEST gift ever!

If…. If I went to MRSM, I might not get the chance to take care of my mother, to be a part of the process. I am so grateful, and I believe that Allah always have the best way in arranging our life. It’s just the matter of time, and we also need to keep on ponder and reflect (muhasabah/taffakur) of what has happened around us. Even this is just my thought, on looking this thing that way. It might have different meaning by Allah but as long as we feel grateful, as long as we firmly believe in Allah, as long as our love grow for Allah, as long as we learn the lesson and grow, whatever reason you create, just to get yourself positive, firmly, towards Allah, then other things doesn’t matter.

Since that, I always believe, in whatever ways possible, if it's as bad as what I think, it’s never that bad. It’s always a silver lining and it's always things that I, one day, gonna like it.

After this incident, I keep seeing things, in different way. Well, I do have some doubt but I keep remind myself, it’s just the matter of time and I will figure out WHY Allah made it happen and I know I am gonna love it.

Thank you and I love you Ya Allah.

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