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6 Tips on Convocation Outdoor Photoshoot

Friday, February 16, 2018

Would love to share with you, future graduates, with some tips on how to get your convocation outdoor session rockin' !

Making pretty photos need effort, not only technically on the camera stuff whatsoever but it needs the courage between you and your photographer too. Preparation is indeed important so let's make sure that you are ready for your coming session!

1. Survey the most eye-caching photographer that YOUR eyes capture!

Different people have different preference. Some do like to make the session more fun and some are a little shy to pose in front of the camera. Don't afraid! Choose your photographer that you think you can blend well and take a look on their portfolio such as website and instagram. Aim for certain budget and directly contact the photographer and discuss more! Usually, it will be a pleasure for a photographer if you ask them more details. Don't worry, ask them as much as you do until you have a clear image of how the session going to be.

2. Set the venue

Make survey of which place that you like. Ask for your photographer opinion. Sometimes your photographer knows well of certain places that suits for a session and you might have a session but in different places. Would that be interesting?

3. What to wear?

First thing first, take a consideration of what's your university/school/faculty 's robe color? Try to make a great combination colors that look decent and neat with the robe. Avoid wearing jeans, because robe is an attire that usually be worn on a formal or ceremonial occasions. Wear something formal, at least! You can substitute a jeans to a palazzo or slacks for example. It definitely look a lot nicer in photos.

If you are in a group session, discuss with your friends and try to wear matching colors, or take any color palette for varieties of option. For example, in this post, i found out that my clients choose pastel colors for their session. Brilliant!

4. Be punctual!

Big groups usually have problem to gather everyone in one time. If your session is at 8.30AM, hence let your friends know that the session starts at 8AM. It's a trick but eventually, you will arrive at 8.30AM right? :D

If you think that it will be a delay, let your photographer know. Your photographer might have another session after your session.

5. Be creative and bring your own PROPS

If you have an idea, bring whatever things that you want. The session will be extra fun with it! 

6. Essentials

Keep in touch with your photographer, let them know whatever it is, wear sunblocks, bring water bottles and keep on praying for a GREAT weather. ;)

Well, i hope that helps all future graduates to enjoy your session. It's not just you and your robe but it's a memory that you gonna treasure lifetime! If you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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