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Japan Travelogue: Aichi Kenmin No Mori

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Enchanted. One best word to describe this place.

Today post is a personal post from my previous Japan Travelogue. I actually had a few new post regarding to my recent visit to Japan but nah, it's gonna take one at a time. By the way, you can follow more on my Japan Travelogue by clciking on this post LABEL. Enjoy!

So far, i have been to some places in summer and autumn. I definitely want a trip in spring but usually the tickets are a bit expensive hence keep coming back in autumn season. However, i think autumn is somehow a best season especially for a photo! The warm natural color, everything looks so magical and enchanted. The mountains/hills appear like a painting. As i love bright and vibrant photos, i don't mind if i get stuck with autumn season all the time. :)

I asked abgwee where were we heading off. He said just some nature, hiking trail. We didn't get our outfit right but since the weather was cold in a pleasant way, we felt comfortable walking along the trail. The good thing is, there were not really many people around so it's feels quite serene and peaceful. Manage to captured some portraits of my brother and sister-in-law. I guess, this could be my first international job (read: free job, later upah with sushi as dinner haha) for a post-wedding yeah? haha boleh lah.

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