30 Japan Photos in 30 Days

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hello readers. Notice something new?

Well, i finally bought my own domain! and manage to get it with my own name. love it to bits. However, i think i need a new layout. Better layout. Later will work on it.

Other than that, yeah it's been a long hiatus! Last post was on September. Unfortunately, not really in mood to update my blog since i have plenty of photos. Like, a lotttt! All from my recent works with weddings, outdoor, birthday party, convocation and travel too. When it's too many, i just got stuck (even all photos are ready) but idk. Now, i am a bit free so yea, you will see more posts from me pretty soon.

So, tonight post are just random photos that i picked from my last trip in Japan. It's my third time and never get bored to keep coming to this amazing country! Spent 30days there and i went to a few region, some were places that i used to go and some were new places. Obviously, i did spent a lot more on nature spots and more open air museum! (see my previous open air museum trip that for me, it's worth it) Later will update more in details. Anyway, thanks to brothers and sisters-in-law, not to forget, the kids for entertaining me as much as you do. Might come back again, probably. :D For now, enjoy the photos!

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Hanamiko Sakura said...

yeahhh, kak syakey berada di day 29!. hahaha