Hello 2016

Friday, January 08, 2016

2015 wasn't a great year. except for those parties, trips and self development :P totally have its ups and downs. especially struggling to finish my MSc. sounds that i didn't enjoy it a bit pun. haha but no, i am okayy and things went well, just need more extra courage.

Other than that, i am doing incredibly ahmazing with my part time as a photographer. still a lot to learn however thanks to clients for trusting me to  capture your moment. hopes for more beautiful weddings in future. :)

Hence, Hello 2016. looking forward for more exciting new experience. ahh, ucapan yang boring. haha so hai 25 years old, hope to see you grow extra wiser, tougher and prettier?? haha paling penting. moga lebih menjadi hambaNya.

Ok, sekian.

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sarafiz said...

You will be much better this year inshaAllah syakey!

Kite always support you ♥