blessing through action

Thursday, January 01, 2015

alhamdulillah all praise to the Al-Mighty the One who gives, the One who stay, the One with all power and the only One we worship for. another year ahead and to flashback all the moments and memories and the lessons from the good and 'bad' (only we thought it's bad but actually it's the best thing should happen by Allah's will) things happen, we should embrace and improve to be better.

past few weeks, i attend a very small majlis ilm or rather we call usrah or sharing session with my sister and her fellow students. it's very refreshing to realize that in whatever we do, we utterly NEED the blessing from Allah. sounds cliche, but to ask our self, did we really, REALLY take into account that whatever steps ahead, from huge decision to small one, or maybe walking, or even breathing, was it because of Allah?

i red a column in majalah solusi written by Ustaz Pahrol, and there are some tips on "Menjemput Idea". it's true that we have to 'behave', to get the idea. we actually didn't get the idea by ourself but it's with Allah's will. idea are very broad title. it could be in term of writing, speaking, or maybe when we lost, or when we do research. especially me, i need a lot of idea to finish my research so, i have to behave for almost what i do, i have to set in my mind that if i do otherwise, which won't get Allah's redha, then Allah might not help me in getting idea (even Allah is so Merciful, yes, He is so so Merciful, where we still make sins, He forgive. and He keep on giving so i didn't mean that Allah is not merciful). same goes to life. it's supposedly with Allah's blessing. hence, dig for blessing in EACH action.

it's actually scared to think, what if Allah didn't want to, what if Allah make it harder, and more what if but, we must think positive, and bersangka baik to Allah which for whatever did happend, it's have something relate to how Merciful is He. 
and yeah we ended our 2014 together with this awesome siblings which i am really really grateful to have them (photo not included abgnas yang di rindui hehe). i often remind myself, i will serve them as much as i can. no matter what circumstances it is cause i owe them a lot. but i have to keep in mind that i also have to serve Allah my very best cause the happiness, the feeling of grateful, them, and whole thing that i had were His and i OWE Him big time so getting His pleasure should be the uppermost thing to be listed down as our GOAL isn't it? :)

p/s: happy new year! and my defination of 24yo literally means a little wiser, a little tougher, and a little mature. may Allah ease!


Nur Fajariah said...

tahniah sya dapat family baru..lawa gambar~~~ ngeee

selamat menempuh tahun yang baru,semoga baik baik saja,insyaAllah =)

anamizu said...

besnya dpt kak ipaq :)