Japan Travelogue: Japan Nightlife (Namba + Shibuya)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

on my first day after visiting Universal Studios, we went to Paksu's house in Osaka. (never had any clue where was the exact place :D) even though we were exhausted queuing to play games at USJ however Paksu insists us to take a look around his office and Namba, Osaka. it is the city's most famous entertainment district and offers abundant dining and shopping choices. however, the shop lots were closed except for pubs and restaurant. but we visited namba again the next day to shop of course ;D.
paksu and brother
IMG_9592 (1)
the famous glico man. :D

besides Namba, brother also took me around his place in Toyohashi for dinner and shop (again) haha. well, we frequently go out at night since he was a bit busy on the daylight. 

before head back to Malaysia, we made a trip to Tokyo, which is the most fascinating and bizarre city in the world i must say. with 13 million people as the population only in Tokyo, can you imagine how hectic it's gonna be in Tokyo? yes, i can feel the differences of the crowdedness between Osaka and Tokyo as in Tokyo, their train were packed and there are A LOT of people walking (CROWDS of people) around laillah, i even had no mood to shop! haha (well, never fancy crowded places :D)
the only thing that attracts me at night in Japan is the bright lights on their billboard.
so, brother took me to witness the world's biggest and busiest pedestrian crossing. (facts say that during rush hour, almost 2500 people crossing at a time!!!) i was amazed. i even stood on higher place to took this picture! it wasn't wide enough to see through but you can feel it isn't? haha.
as i remember, i took another picture of this zebra crossing using my lomo wide lens. ahh i neeeeed to develop my films as soon as possible.

more story about Tokyo later on. :))

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anys nadhilah said...

bestnye . how much ye flight to japan ?

syakirahmn said...

depends on promotion and what type of flights. mas mahal airasia murah tapi still, paling murah boleh dpt rm399 with limited time

anamizu said...

hai syakey. mcm biasa gambaq2 semua ohsem gila ! aku dari dulu berangan nak p japan T___T

Farah said...

Teringin nak pergi pedestrian crossing tu walaupun tak suka tempat ramai orang.


pretty pictures!!