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Monday, March 10, 2014

Pray For MH370

i do reading a lot about all this aircraft stuff and possibilities might happen. not because i am so interested of any speculation but i just want to know the facts about what might happen.

there are a lot of assumption and speculation made by us, and them (the one who are expert in such area). however, things happen, and whatever it is, probably some conspiracy or sudden catastrophic failure or whatsoever, its happen by Allah's will. yup, only Allah knows best.

make it ease, and protect us, Ya Allah.


Unknown said...

Suka sangat baca blog awk =) Saya pun ada blog, jemput singgah dan follow blog =D

Support each other =)

anamizu said...

salam syakirah! lama betoi tak mai sini. bz sikit lately.

hermm tu la. apa la yg jadi sbnrnye kat depa (penumpang2 tu) T__T