Hi there! I am Syakirah, turning 26 this July and currently a part time event photographer. Never been good in describing about me but let's try.

I started blogging since i was 16 years old (that was in 2007) and you know what it mean right? Rubbish! I have deleted all the posts and start a new but as you grow older, you evolve and always find yourself a lot more wiser than before so you keep having the feeling of 'Gosh, did i wrote that?'

Now, i am focusing more on photos post as i thought, posting your photos on Instagram would not have the same satisfaction as you post it on blog. I usually skip a lot of my photos from posting it out on my Instagram but never when i blogged.

Other than that, i am from Penang, lived my teenage life in Perlis and went back to Penang for collage and degree. I am a moment junkie and having a huge crush on Japan country that i wish i can keep coming back and travel more places around Japan.

Any question? Reach me through my social media link below or email me at syakey@gmail.com

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