George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Photos around Penang Street Food Festival

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

The Penang Street Food Festival, a festival that happens once in a while in Penang.

Never been to this festival before but i had to because i miss taking my camera around and shoot something (read: not weddings). I am not really a foodie but i do enjoy eating tasty food especially Penang food! Penang is indeed a food heaven.

It's quite a shock for me cause everything were solely street food! None of them were hip/trendy/unconventional food (i don't know the term haha) Somehow, I didn't buy anything here, haha am i weird? Ok, except for a coconut shake cause i am thirsty. I'm quite familiar with the origin of these stalls hence i can just go whenever i crave for them later.

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