Shinhotaka Ropeway, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Japan Travelogue: Shinhotaka Ropeway

Friday, July 21, 2017

One of my favorite place I've visited so far in Japan!

I really wish that i can put up something informative here for my fellow readers but what am i thinking right now is just to link you guys with more information from Japan-Guide websites! Too lazy i know! But i am doing it haha. MORE information and details on Shinhotaka Ropeway, please CLICK HERE. Thank you.

I have two brothers living in Japan so that's the only solid reason that i keep coming back to Japan macam balik kampung *smiley with tears of joy*. So i have been living like a nomad for that one whole month period because they live in different places. Wait, why am i talking about this? Jeez, nobody want to know that! haha ok skip.

At first, my brother suggested Hakone ropeway but he's a bit reluctant to go there cause Hakone is kinda glamour among the tourist since it's nearest to Tokyo and Mt Fuji. My another brother suggest me Takayama and i googled it and found Shinhotaka! Plus, it's double decker gondola cars are really antique, the first of their kind in Japan while Hakone gondola is just the same as Langkawi's gondola (i know it has different view tapi of course nak yang unik lagi!)

The journey to Shinhotaka took about 4hours from Nagoya and additional 1 and half hour from Toyohashi. From 2AM to 8AM driving hours, we finally arrived and the parking lot was still empty! 

Admission fees are:
From the bottom: 2900 yen (round-trip), 1600 yen (one way)
From Nabedaira Kogen: 2800 yen (round-trip), 1500 yen (one way)
(2900 yen is around 120 ringgit malaysia)

Enjoy the photos!

Driver and co-driver. The journey was pretty amazing with amazing view. All the trees were in transition from autumn to winter. We used highway to go there to save some time but took another road on our way back to save some money (cause it's freaking expensive for toll fares! not included the fuels too).
Observation deck at the upper station facing the Japan Alps! WOAH!!
Can you spot the double deck gondola? Too cute!
With both my kak ipaq (sister-in-law) πŸ’•
With both my brother πŸ’•
Buying souvenirs is compulsory! Japan is known for their candy and snacks with really kawaii packaging for souvenirs. I usually buy something sweet and traditional to take home as souvenirs.
One with my nephew!
Bought a little version of the gondola for my own personal collection. We had our lunch facing this view (refer to photos above) πŸ’•

Till then for more places! 


Farah said...

Ya Allah, I really love all your photos. Hopefully one day I'll get to use your service :)

syakirahmn said...

Thank you Farah! Do keep in touch ya. ;)