Perhentian Islands, Terengganu, Malaysia

Perhentian Island Itinerary 2017

Sunday, July 09, 2017

#roadtoskodenglaut ;)

Yeay i have wanted to come here for so long, and finally ada geng to go with! They were my cubic-mates back then in USM. Believe it or not, they were my JUNIOR. yeah i know right, i look as young as them. haha! Anyway, most of Perhentian island package are just the same but i still want to share since i am the person who are in-charge with the budget.

  • I am using Canon 6D and shoot in RAW format. Edited in Lightroom.
  • For action camera, thought of buying gopro (but i rarely take selfie and might seldom use action cam) so bought yi cam semata-mata for underwater moment (which surprisingly satisfied me with the outcome)
  • Phone, of course.

Swimming Kit:
  • As a muslimah, it's pretty inconvenient to swim with a tracksuit/t-shirt. (tak rasa free bila swimming) Better buy a swimsuit or wear something that can easily dry-fast. maybe jersey type material?
  • Bought my swimming attire from ogival (a well known brand, which fully cover your aurat from top to bottom, plus longgar pula) since i have been swimming regularly so it's worth it.
  • Bring along minyak angin (boleh kejang kaki while swimming. helpful in case anything) + mabuk laut pills (if u are not confident for a boat ride) + minyak gamat (luka sebab coral ke). pandai-pandai lah hidup. i memang minah minyak. nak minyak apa? kapak? serai wangi? kayu merah? bam pala? vicks? yuyi cap limau? semua ada haha
  • After sun gel
  • Sunblock
  • Mineral water
  • Snacks
  • Skills :D (snorkel without a life jacket is definitely a freedom!)

  • Thursday
  • Travel by bus at night from Penang - Kuala Besut
  • Friday
  • Arrived at Kuala Besut Jetty 
    Stayed at Sealife Inn at Pulau Perhentian Kecil 
    Hiking to windmill for stunning view 
    Hang out at Coral Beach for sunset 
    Buffet dinner at Shari-La Island Resort 
    Stargazing while taking the boat ride back to our place
  • Saturday
    Snorkel day!
  • Sunday
  • Check-Out 
    Back to reality

  • You can travel by flight by taking any flights to Kota Bharu. Kuala Besut jetty is just 1hour away from the airport
  • Less than 500m walk from Kuala Besut bus station to jetty
  • They said you can hike the windmill using slippers but i recommend to have a proper shoes, cause it's much comfortable and convenient. (about 20-30minutes hike)
  • Lots of food stall in Pulau Perhentian Kecil
  • There's kedai runcit, so fret not, you can buy basic stuff here if you miss out anything.
  • Place we stayed (Sealife Inn) is comfortable and highly recommend
  • I am not sure about this, but because of there's a lot of people keep coming to this island, their snorkel equipment is not clean. Luckily i got the better one (cause i am the first one to berebut that)
  • Since the checkpoint for snorkeling mostly are not from the shore, hence i am a bit nervous to swim without a life jacket, takut jadi apa-apa. But i manage to swim without it on our last check point an i'm satisfied!

  • If you stay at Perhentian Kecil, tak ambil pakej dengan makan pun takpa. There's lot of stalls around the kampung nelayan.

  • Return bus ticket - RM100
  • Package with Sealife Inn includes snorkel trip only - RM210
  • Fee for entering the Marine Park - RM5
  • Boat charge to Long beach/windmill - RM25
  • Extra, transportation/food/mineral water etc - (plus/minus) RM100
  • Total : RM440

Optional/Addition (comparison to my Semporna Trip):
  • Semporna trip is island hopping trip so we got to see pretty islands
  • Their snorkel equipment is clean
  • The package for island hopping are a bit expensive in Semporna but it's private and personal to only our group when it comes to the boat ride. Perhentian's boat are congested from the beginning. They squeeze as many people as they can. They even delay our snorkel time cause there's a check up from marine police regarding to terlebih muatan on one boat.
  • Semporna islands are prettier, no doubt but Perhentian pun cantikkk!!
Enjoy the photos!

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