Japan Travelogue: Everything in Black and White

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Converting colors to grayscale.

To be honest, i have set a benchmark to what am i supposed to achieve when i take photos. I usually fail to pass that benchmark and i always regret to not focus and take more on surroundings. It's not easy, really. I do struggle even some people thinks my photos are good. However, good is never good enough.

There's always a reason when you convert your photos to black and white. Perhaps the color is too much for you. Perhaps you just screw with the exposure/settings. Perhaps it's just looks good when it's in black and white.

I rather have to admit that yeah i just feel these photos are good to express them in black and white even i do know it's so random that people might put question mark behind it.

Anyway, all these photos were taken on my recent 30Days Japan Trip. I will never move on with this trip cause i miss everyone that i left in Japan and looking forward to visit them again. InsyaAllah!


sarafiz said...

Salam syakey.

Syakey, semua ni syakey edit guna LR ke?

syakirahmn said...

saraj: ya babe. hehe