Meiji-Mura Museum, Inuyama, Japan

Japan Travelogue: Meiji-Mura

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Enormous open air museum I ever had been!

Despite of not having the opportunity to visit Kyoto (next time, maybe? :D), i asked my brother to take me somewhere for the weekend. We end up visiting an open air museum, Meiji-Mura situated at Inuyama, Japan. It's pretty amazing to walk through this museum while experience the uniqueness of the Meiji period buildings and architecture. Both brother and i love historical places hence this was a perfect place to visit. Everything in here were re-build and some parts of the building are the original parts. We spend almost 4 hours and at the very last hour, we were too tired though so didn't manage to get into some of the buildings. The exciting part was experiencing a ride by a steam locomotive train, i am thrilled!

Admission Fee: 1700¥ (around RM60).
Rating: 4.5/5.0 stars. Mesmerizing.
The sky was really blue, making my photos even brighter and it's really a pleasant weather. 


aamalinaazman said...

lamaaaaaaaaaa sgt tak mai sini

gmabaq mcm biasalah..macam real..super real..

bessnyee dapat p jepong ;)


syakirahmn said...

hehe alhamdulillah!

lamaaaaaaaaaaaaa jugak tk nampak kak aktif berblog. semua dh berdiam diri ja skrg ni ;D