Korankei, Toyota, Japan

Japan Travelogue: Korankei and autumn trees

Monday, January 19, 2015

Yeay! Finally an update from my previous Japan trip last November.

This post was re-update for better photos color tone hee. Korankei (clickable to know more about it) wasn't that far from Nagoya so i asked my brother to take me to this best spots of autumn trees and it's really amazing! SUBHANALLAH! Combine with the river along the valley, it was hard to stop snapping away with every step we took. However, i did not feel that convenient to use my 50mm attach to my camera and was too lazy to change the lens, so it's a bit hard to get the whole view of Korankei but thanks to my Iphone, i manage to get beautiful images from it! Can't wait to compile everything in a photobook!
It's fun to try out new delicious and oishi food such this one! Custard filling was super!
Eh senyum sama! Adik-beradik sangat tau haha
Besides having home-made sandwich telur by me, kitaorang telan takoyaki ni yang marvelous sangat! Tahan sampai balik rumah. :D

It's such an unforgettable trip and that is why i love autumn! Love the transition colors of the leaves. Thank you Abgwee for willingly to brought me here even we almost get involved in traffic jams as we get closer to the destination. Luckily tau jalan short cut. *thumbs up* :)) And ah bravo brother! Selamat gambar dia ambil untuk kita elok! Kalau tak, failed! Jenuh lah nak nampak muka terpampang kat sini haha ;DD


Dhia Johary said...

semua pictures ni guna manual eh?

syakirahmn said...

dhia: yup!

anamizu said...

hadoiyai besnya syakey p jepun! ehh haah la senyum adik bradik sgt taw! hahaha comey3! ana ni bila la entah nk dpt p sana T____T

Faarihin Talip said...

SubhanAllah.. memang cantik2 pemandangan dekat Jepun!. Ambil gambar guna iphone pun cantik!

Tapi owner dia memang cantik pun ambil gambar. >__<