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Monday, April 28, 2014

 بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

alhamdulillah. i just got back to where i 'belong' yesterday. and alhamdulilah i manage to attend a one day religious talk, Observation of A Heart and met sister Yasmin Mogahed and yeah wow amazing and knowledgeable talk alhamdulillah. besides Mufti Menk and Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, she's definitely will be in my list of my favourite speakers. heh.

sometimes, when we attend this such majlis ilmu, we might listen to the same things or the same theme for thousands of times, its great though, and it's actually act as reminder for us. even in Al-Quran, if you recites it, and understand the meaning, and if you realize, that Allah keep on repeating saying things in His book, because He knows, that we mankind need to be told for many times, because we, no matter what, insist to committing the same sins over and over again. astaghfirullah. may Allah forgive and accept our repentance amin.

usually after every session, there must be Q&A session. from here, i have this idea of what are really matters to a muslim to find solutions to their problems. people actually keep repeating the question but in different way (not only in this talk, but most of religous talk which i usually listen and observe especially from Prof Dr. Muhaya hee :D)

some of the questions are: 
  • how to remain steadfast as our iman always goes up and down
  • how to nasihah people that this dunya is just a monopoly
  • how can i change my husband? (as their husband wasn't really religious like themselves)
  • how to overcome desire/nafs
  • how to remain doing good deeds
  • i am too busy (being a mom, workers, part time student etc) i don't even have time to perform extra ibadah
  • i am too stress, i am in a mess, i have problems, my heart has turned into a solid rock, i becomes annoyed quickly because of minor things, i have ego issues etc
  • and the list goes on ( i can't even remember but it's kinda of the same theme)
so the idea is almost all problems came out with the same solution which is how good our relationship with Allah, and how good are our solah quality. and the solution is from Allah and the Quran act as the healing for us. and of course, guidance. subhanallah.

keep on asking ourself with this,
  • am i taking care of my relationship with Allah? did i obey or being disobedient to Allah?
  • how about my solah quality? did i understand what did i recites in solah? did i gained kusyuk?
  • when was the last time i recites Quran? or did i just recites without tafseer? did i frequently read it? like everyday? 
if we took care of this 3 things, with Allah's will, we gonna make through for whatever circumstances, or consequences, or problems or anything that might harm us, that might bother us, insyaAllahutaala, we gonna make it. with PATIENCE.

another keyword to living this life is PATIENCE. without patience, we can't maintain our relationship with Allah, with human, with solah, with Quran and Hadith and sunnah. masyaAllah. may Allah grant us steadfast towards approaching Him and towards approaching His redha. amin.

there must be some other ways to the solution, yes i admit, but the core ingredients is this, and insyaAllah Allah gonna guide us and help us to get the solutions along with others way.

let's us pray, and keep on making du'as to Allah to guide us. starts now, it's okey if we do a little, because Allah loves consistency. consistency in great ways.


#SharingSession #Alhamdulillah :))


Farah said...

Thank you for sharing this! :)

Unknown said...

Tak pernah tak jeles tengok gambar kat sini -.-

Hehe sorry, tak ade kena mengena dgn entri ler pulok.

Unknown said...

Hai sis, usually if I stumble upon religious posts, I usually just scroll away or just click pangkah.

But truly, I dont know why I stayed for this post.
May Allah gives you all the blessings there are.