Wednesday, April 09, 2014

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alhamdulillah. just got back from visiting my sister at kota bharu. and alhamdulillah, manage to get a cubicle so i can have a kick start of being constantly (like everyday) doing my research stuff. it's so hard to disciplined myself at home. temptation okeyy, too much unresisted temptation, cute babies (ety and ahabb grr gerramm) swimming almost everyday, and went for holiday macam cuti tu kau buat sendiri sheshhh.

and alhamdulillah, manage to book flight tickets and manage to get a seat at Yasmin Mogahed talk, Observation of A Heart at PICC this coming 26th April. it doesn't cost you a pretty penny, only rm40 for students. murah kan? so anyone join it? yeahh see you there insyaAllah. (perasan like there is anyone that want to meet u kerr haha). here is the link to buy the tickets LightUponLight (you can buy it manually by online banking if you didn't have any credit or debit card)

oh yes. i rarely updates what's on and what's up, not like i used to. to tell the truth, i feel regret of not updating this small space of mine, cause blogging is like a treasure of memories. however, i do have my personal blog which i made it private and i'm the only legal person to read through whatever thoughts that i had in my mind at that time. and reading it back can cause me some kind of huge mix feeling in positive way. heh. most of it, emo-ish thing la weii haha but there are also some so semangat post that when i read it back, i feel so semangat like veryvery semangat. :D ok lah, take care people!

much love, syakirah. :))


maisarah lani said...

syakey pi putrajaya? boleh jumpa! kite dkt upm jeeeee hihi

syakirahmn said...

yes! tapi tak drive g sana. macam mana nak g upm T___T

Unknown said...

Dah lama tak singgah blog akak niii. Heee tgh buat masters ke sekarang kak syakey?

Unknown said...

Do update more. Aku baru nak gugel siapa Yasmin Mogahed.

anamizu said...

dok pulun repeat lagu all of me gak 2--3 hari ni.

tu la. ada gak personal blog yg mmg special utk diri sndiri.

bila baca2 balik--jd semangat ! hehe