Thursday, January 26, 2017

30 Japan Photos in 30 Days

Hello readers. Notice something new on my blog? Well, i finally bought my own domain! and it's love it to bits. However, i think i need a new layout. Better layout. Later will work on it.

Other than that, yeah it's been a long hiatus! Last post was on September. Unfortunately, not really in mood to update my blog since i have plenty of photos. Like, a lotttt! All from my recent works with weddings, outdoor, birthday party, convocation and travel too. When it's too many, i just got stuck (even all photos are ready) but idk. Now, i am a bit free so yea, you will see more posts from me pretty soon.

So, tonight post are just random photos that i picked from my last trip in Japan. It's my third time and never get bored to keep coming to this amazing country! Spent 30days there and i went to a few region, some were places that i used to go and some were new places. Obviously, i did spent a lot more on nature spots and more open air museum! (see my previous open air museum trip that for me, it's worth it) Later will update more in details. Anyway, thanks to brothers and sisters-in-law, not to forget, the kids for entertaining me as much as you do. Might come back again, probably. :D For now, enjoy the photos! 

Japan Day 1
Japan Day 2
Japan Day 3
Japan Day 4
Japan Day 5
Japan Day 6
Japan Day 7
Japan Day 8
Japan Day 9
Japan Day 10
Japan Day 11
Japan Day 12
Japan Day 13
Japan Day 14
Japan Day 15
Japan Day 16
Japan Day 17
Japan Day 18
Japan Day 19
Japan Day 20
Japan Day 21
Japan Day 22
Japan Day 23
Japan Day 24
Japan Day 25
Japan Day 26
Japan Day 27
Japan Day 28
Japan Day 29
Japan Day 30

Friday, September 30, 2016

Semporna, Sabah

Semporna Trip, Sabah
I didn't know how to make a proper itinerary (doesn't feel to do so). Tapi, bolehlah share sikit-sikit.

  • I am using Canon 6D and shoot in RAW format. Edited in Lightroom.
  • For action camera, thought of buying gopro (but i rarely take selfie and might seldom use action cam) so bought yi cam semata-mata for underwater moment (which surprisingly satisfied me with the outcome)

Swimming Kit:
  • As a muslimah, it's pretty inconvenient to swim with a tracksuit/t-shirt. (tak rasa free bila swimming) Better buy a swimsuit or wear something that can easily dry-fast. maybe jersey type material?
  • Bought my swimming attire from ogival  (a well known brand, which fully cover your aurat from top to bottom, plus longgar pula) since i have been swimming regularly so it's worth it.
  • Bring along minyak angin (boleh kejang kaki while swimming. helpful in case anything) + mabuk laut pills (if u are not confident for a boat ride) + minyak gamat (luka sebab coral ke). pandai-pandai lah hidup. i memang minah minyak. nak minyak apa? kapak? serai wangi? kayu merah? bam pala? vicks? yuyi cap limau? semua ada haha
  • After sun gel 
  • Sunblock
  • Mineral water
  • Snacks
  • Skills :D (snorkel without a life jacket is definitely a freedom!) 

  • 1st Day
  • 2nd Day
    Package Price RM155/pax (2-5Pax)
    Bohey Dulang
    Mantabuan Island
    Sibuan Island
  • 3rd Day
    Package Price RM200/pax (5 Pax)
    Mataking Island
    Pandanan Island
    Pompom Island
  • 4th Day
Bestest package deal dan mudah sangat nak deal from D'One BBM (click to view their FB). Prices of the package would be cheaper if more people in a group.

Summary, Bohey Dulang:
  • Hike 600m up  for a magnificient view!
  • On my way up, tak kira muda atau tua, ada yang muntah lah pening lah etc. Don't underestimate that 600m is nothing. Make sure you, at least, excercise reguarlaly before this trip.
  • Jangan patah semangat, the view are really magnificient. Worth every sweat haha
Summary, Mantabuan Island:
  • We just chillin' and having lunch there. But of course you can snorkel.
Summary, Sibuan Island:
  • Pack with people
  • Pretty
  • So pretty
  • Amazing coral spot
Summary, Mataking Island:
  • The prettiest and magnificient view among other island
  • The farthest
  • The most expensive trip available in package. haha. tapi puas hati
  • Amazing creatures down there. 
  • Kulit paling tanned masa ni :3
Summary, Pandanan Island:
  • Not many people were there.
  • Pretty
  • So pretty feels like our very own private island.
Summary, Pompom Island:
  • Ni pun takdak orang
  • Not a coral spot so, so-so je.
  • But still pretyy!

  • Place where we stay serve breakfast.
  • Don't expect to have really good food for breakfast around semporna town. Lapik perut boleh lah. :3
  • Seafood for dinner, definitely have to try.
  • Flight - RM258/Return
  • Hotel (walking distance to jetty) - RM222/person (For 3 nights, shared with Adi)
  • Boats Package - RM155+RM200
  • Extra, transportation/food etc - (plus/minus) RM100
  • Total: RM935

Watch my video, Semporna Trip, Sabah on Vimeo.

Semporna Trip, Sabah
Not fancy with backpack type of bag (since i already have a camera backpack). Always go for beg tarik :3
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
The person who actually brought up the idea of semporna trip. tq adi. tanpamu, tak ku jejakjejaklah kaki kat sini.
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Next day, waiting for our boatman!
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Crystal clear walaweh!
Semporna Trip, Sabah
I'm excited!
Semporna Trip, SabahBohey dulang
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Tanned! :3
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Mantabuan island. Chillin' and lunch bawah pokok.
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Getting ready untuk skodeng ikan! Sibuan islan
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Budak-budak ni ya Allah swimming macam ni kolam depan rumah depa ja. T___T
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Thumbs up
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Thumbs up all the time
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
You actually can walk to that island from Mataking (named Timba timba island)! amazingly subhanallah cantik sangat!
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Chillin' at my own private island! Pandanan! (i wish! haha. tapi memang macam private island, fabulous sangat!)
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Having my lunch in humble way even it's on my own private island. haha
Semporna Trip, Sabah
This is how my private island looks like. bungkus bawak balik letak tepi rumah boleh?
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Our final destination, pompom island!
Semporna Trip, Sabah
4th day. heading back home!
Semporna Trip, Sabah
Still got that adrenaline however lepastu balik scroll gambar bersedih bila nak swim lagi! :(

Thinking of taking a diving license in future. :3